Suede Polishing Pads


POLYPAS #191 is used for low-pressure polishing and is suitable for the final polishing stage of silicon, GaAs, and InP wafers, as well as texturing NiP plated hard disks. The nap layer is significantly soft and consists of fine pores. This pad has excellent resistance to acid and alkaline.

POLYPAS #210 is made of the most durable polishing material and performs well when used in conjunction with chemicals. Due to the small pore size, this pad is effective in various polishing applications that involve silicon wafers, glass, NiP plated hard disk, and stainless steel. It also provides long life.

POLYPAS #250 is designed for ultra-fine polishing of silicon wafers, glass, and NiP plated hard disks. This pad has a much softer nap layer and finer pores than POLYPAS #210, and works well with chemicals.

POLYPAS #27 Designed for extensive use in low to medium pressure polishing, is the best pad for the final polishing stage of silicon and GaAs wafers. This pad is also the best choice for texturing NiP plated hard disks because it has the softest nap layer, high compressibility, and high elasticity.

POLYPAS #7000 By improving the inner foam layer, Fujibo has successfully engineered this multi-purpose, high-quality pad. It has a durable, even surface that guarantees high performance results. The nap hardness can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

These suede pads are available with various substrates such as PET and non-woven substrates.  Other materials are also available upon request. 



Product Number #191 #210 #250 #27 #7000
Thickness (mm) 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.1 1.1
Nap thickness (um) 500 500 500 400 400
Nap Hardness (° ) 14 19 15 16 18
Compressibility (%) 24 16 23 18 14
Elasticity (%) 92 87 92 93 86
Hardness (° ) 38 41 39 37 42



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