Waxless Mounting Pads


POLYPAS Waxless Mounting Pads from Fujibo are used for mounting silicon wafers and LCD substrates without wax. POLYPAS Waxless Mounting Pads provide excellent flatness, and productivity by automation. Washing by solvents is not necessary, which results in shorter process time, and lower cost. Environmentally friendly.

POLYPAS Waxless Mounting Pads are suitable for inserts in carriers. Fujibo offers variety of pads to choose from, depending on your application and superior flatness. Inserts can be changed in a short period of time and offers better efficiency and lower cost.


POLYPAS #1000 Specifications


Product Number BP- I02 BP-104 BP-107 BP-510 BP-200 BP-202
Compressibility (%) 22 14 15 5 2 18
Hardness (° ) 68 69 74 71 87 55
Surface Friction Factor 0.55 0.58 0.57 0.39 1.27 1.30


Note: The values above represent typical measurements. Actual values may vary in a range defined by product specifications.

  • Compressibility measurements according to JISL 1021
  • Hardness measurements according to the Shore A gauge
  • Surface friction factor measurements according to TYPE94i



For more information on POLYPAS Polishing Pads, please contact Marubeni America Corporation and we will send you a full brochure.